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Topcon Healthcare has a dedicated team of professionals nationwide who provide responsive phone support, in-house repair, field service and comprehensive training.

Call us toll-free at 1-866-922-6278 or email [email protected].

Please include the Export Distributor Support Request. This information will be required and it is mandatory for any support request submitted to the service department. 
Our customer care center is available by phone Monday – Friday – 8 AM – 8:00PM EST.

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Topcon Medical Systems Repair, Phone, and Remote Support Policy

RMA Number
  1. Customer must obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number from an authorized Customer Service representative before sending any products to Topcon.
  2. Customer may contact an authorized Topcon distributer to obtain a RMA.
  3. The RMA is valid only for the product(s) issued for; therefore, all peripherals that need to be sent in with product must be listed on the original RMA.
  4. Products sent into Topcon without an RMA number are subject to be denied and will be sent back at the customer’s expense.
  1. Use the original packaging (container and internal foam) if possible. Contact export [email protected] to inquire about purchasing packaging materials if you do not have the original packaging. NOTE: Packaging materials available for limited products.
  2. Do not use packing peanuts or newspaper to wrap up product within packaging containers.
  3. Topcon is not liable for damages incurred during shipment. For this reason, we recommend that you insure the product.
  4. Customer must indicate the RMA number on the outside of the shipping container on the shipping label. It may be refused and sent back to the customer if the RMA number is not clearly visible or is invalid. To obtain an authorized RMA and label, please contact [email protected].

  1. If the customer chooses to expedite shipment, the expedited freight charge will be the customer’s responsibility, unless otherwise specified.
  2. Return shipping charges are not calculated into the repair estimate. This charge will be found on the invoice upon shipment of the product.
Repair Estimate
  1. Topcon will provide an estimate of repair cost within ten (10) business days after receiving the product with a valid RMA.
  2. The customer has ten (10) business days to approve or reject the provided repair estimate.
  3. Customer must specify and initial requested shipping method upon return of the repair estimate. If not specified, the repair will be shipped via Ground shipment.
  4. All customers who decline a repair estimate or did not reply within ten (10) business days will be charged the minimum repair evaluation fee of one hour of labor (standard rates apply) and their product will be returned back to the customer at their expense.
Repair Turnaround

Topcon will make its best effort to repair the product within a reasonable amount of time after receiving (on average less than fifteen (15) business days after receiving customer approval). This is subject to part availability. This will only vary if discrepancies are found upon receipt (i.e. incorrect RMA, incorrect items shipped, incorrect serial numbers, parts hold, or a need for a third party repair service and/or parts). Customer Service will contact the customer if the repair extends beyond a reasonable turnaround time.

Standard Product Warranty Repair Policy

All Topcon Medical Systems new products sold in the U.S.A. and Canada carry a standard one-year limited warranty. Warranty period starts from the installation date. During the warranty period, Topcon will cover depot repair for the product. The limited warranty covers only issues encountered during normal use of the product. Warranty does not apply to damage from improper use, abuse, accidents, unauthorized service or move of the product, or inappropriate packaging used when shipping the product to Topcon. End user invoice or installation documents must be provided to TMS customer support to issue an RMA.

Warranty Shipping
  • If the customer chooses to expedite shipment, the expedited freight charge will be the customer’s responsibility, unless otherwise specified. Warranty does not apply to damage from improper packaging used when shipping the product to Topcon. Customer can contact [email protected] in case they have any questions about packing a Topcon product.
Warranty Phone and Remote Support
  1. From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST US time, Monday through Friday except for US National and Company holidays. Customers may call TMS Technical Support at 1-866-922-6278, email at [email protected] or submit a web request form. Customer must provide high speed internet connection to the system in order to receive this support. Extended support time due to failure to provide remote connection can result in billable charges.

Non-Warranty Repair Policy

Topcon Medical Systems offers repair service for product(s) issues that occur outside of the limited warranty period or terms. The repair can be completed at the standard billable rates for parts, labor, and shipping. All Topcon repairs carry a ninety-day (90) limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty begins on the day of shipment from Topcon to the customer. It pertains only to the specific repair and any new and different issues in materials or workmanship will be treated as a new incident.

Non-Warranty Phone and Remote Support
  • Topcon Medical Systems offers phone/remote support for product(s) issues that occur outside of the limited warranty period or terms. There is no charge for phone/remote support for the first 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the support will be subject to the billable rates then in effect at the time.