Topcon Healthcare Acquires VISIA Imaging

Acquisition expands Topcon’s product offering and manufacturing capabilities in the anterior segment market

TOKYO, JAPAN, JULY, 2021 – Topcon Corporation, a leading provider of medical devices and software solutions for the global eye care community, announced today that it has acquired VISIA Imaging S.r.l, an ophthalmic device manufacturer headquartered in Florence, Italy.

The acquisition enhances Topcon’s development and manufacturing capabilities of anterior segment devices and software, which complements the company’s strong portfolio of posterior segment imaging devices that includes fundus cameras and optical coherence tomography (OCT). The acquisition further reinforces Topcon’s position as a leading ophthalmic diagnostic device manufacturer.

The ALADDIN Biometer and MYAH Biometer/Corneal Topographer

Founded in 1993, VISIA specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of anterior segment hardware and software. For many years, Topcon has been a distributor of VISIA’s technology including the CC-100 series visual acuity charts, CA-800 topographer/corneal analyzer, MYAH biometer/corneal topographer and Aladdin biometer. The acquisition of VISIA will enable Topcon to create additional synergies within the company’s product portfolio, expand its product offering, and strengthen the Topcon Healthcare brand.

Furthermore, the acquisition gives Topcon Healthcare additional product design and develop- ment capabilities that will accelerate the release of new products and enable the company to better meet the needs of the market. In particular, the acquisition of VISIA will allow Topcon to address the growing epidemic of myopia by focusing on the development of myopia management solutions and strengthening collaborations with companies within the myopia treatment field.

“With the integration of two companies, one Japanese and one Italian, with strengths in optical design, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing of medical devices, we continue to recognize our belief in enhancing synergistic effect combined with values of true reliability and innovative technology which come from both Topcon and VISIA. I am very excited for a prosperous future in business with our ideal partner,” stated Fumio Ohue, Managing Executive Officer, Topcon Corporation.

“I am so pleased that VISIA Imaging is becoming part of Topcon Healthcare and very excited for the next chapter in our long relationship. VISIA Imaging is focused on development and manufacturing of HW/SW solutions for eye care with high expertise in anterior segment. I am confident to release new beautiful products to support Topcon in becoming a market leader in myopia management, and to increase Topcon’s presence in cataract surgery with Premium IOL calculation,” summarized Alessandro Foggi, CEO of VISIA.

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