SafeGuard Service Contracts

SafeGuard Your Practice with a Service Contract

Don’t leave your investment unprotected

Keep your eye care practice up and running with Topcon Safeguard

Topcon Healthcare prides itself on the top‑notch service it offers to support its high-quality products. A dedicated team of nationwide professionals provides you with responsive phone support, in-house repair, field service and comprehensive training.


Which service contract is right for you?

Choose the SafeGuard Service Contract tier that is right for your business needs.

SafeGuard ValueSafeGuard Parts and LaborSafeGuard PlusSafeGuard Premium
Phone SupportPhone SupportPhone SupportPhone Support
Remote SupportRemote SupportRemote SupportRemote Support
Software Updates (remote)Software Updates (remote)Software Updates (remote)Software Updates (remote)
Remote TrainingRemote TrainingRemote TrainingRemote Training
In-house Repair (Parts & Labor)In-house Repair (Parts & Labor)In-house Repair (Parts & Labor)
Box & ShippingBox & Shipping
On-site Support

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