Visual Acuity Charts

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Topcon’s visual acuity chart portfolio includes charts for digital and manual phoropters, chart projectors and 3D charts.


Visual Acuity Charts

An affordable solution that uses a high resolution 22″ LCD monitor to present all common acuity charts. 

  • Wide range of optotypes and large selection of test charts
  • Anatomy photos and eye movies for patient education
  • Integrates with the CV-5000S digital phoropter or as a stand-alone chart with the included remote control



Automatic Chart Projector

The ACP-8R is a versatile, automatic chart projector featuring 30 AO-compatible Snellen and ETDRS charts.

  • Fully programmable chart selections
  • Fast chart rotation and wide projection size (330 x 270) for efficient visual acuity testing
  • Adjustable focus lens for a flexible set-up in your exam lane


3D Mirror Chart

The MC-4S 3D Mirror Chart is a compact visual acuity system that allows you to simulate a full 20-foot exam lane within a 2-5′ range.

  • 3D content and simulation of polarized lenses for real-life visual acuity testing
  • High-resolution, polarized LCD display
  • Customizable refraction programs


High-Resolution LCD Visual Acuity Chart

The PC-50S is a high resolution 19” LCD visual acuity chart that is optimized for the CV-5000S digital phoropter.

  • Flexible design that fits in every exam room (wall mount or floor stand)
  • Wide range of optotypes, tests, images and movie clips for testing variety

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