Increase diagnostic capabilities

Multimodal Swept-Source OCT

Triton uses swept-source technology to allow visualization into the deepest layers of the eye – even through cataracts, hemorrhages, gas bubbles and other media opacities, making it possible for more patients to be imaged.
The fast 100 kHz scanning speed and invisible scan beam rapidly capture detailed images, resulting in fewer motion artifacts and stunning image quality. Decrease chair time and improve your clinical workflow with fewer rescans and multimodal imaging including, OCT, OCT Angiography (OCTA), true-color fundus photography, FA1 and FAF2.


Improve workflow efficiency and the patient experience with fewer rescans and multimodal imaging. 

Deep Penetration

Visualize the deepest layers of the eye—
even through cataracts, hemorrhages,
gas bubbles and other media opacities.

High-Quality Imaging

Swept-source technology incorporates a fast 100 kHz scanning speed and dense data set to generate strikingly clear and detailed images.

Key Features

  • HIGH RESOLUTION: Multimodal platform provides easy, yet comprehensive comparison of microvascular impairment with FA1, FAF2, OCT, OCTA and color fundus images.  
  • SCAN MORE PATIENTS: Swept-source technology allows imaging through media opacities
  • FEWER RESCANS: Invisible scan beam allows patients to focus on the fixation target and reduce involuntary eye movement 
  • WIDE SCAN: A 12mm x 9mm scan encompasses the optic nerve and macula and can be acquired in 1.8 seconds for fast assessment of the posterior pole 
  • RICH, DETAILED IMAGES: Image quality is further enhanced by PixelSmart Technology2

1DRI OCT Triton Plus only

2PixelSmart is a function of IMAGEnet 6 software.

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Images sourced from Topcon’s own clinical database.