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Digital Slit Lamp Series

Versatile, Ergonomic, Digital and High-Resolution

The Topcon family of slit lamps feature quality craftsmanship based on more than 85 years’ experience in optical lens manufacturing. All of the SL series slit lamps are ergonomically designed and easy to operate. A variety of models offer options from basic clinical observation to advanced image capture.

The DC-4 Digital Camera Attachment can be easily mounted on any of the “D” series slit lamps converting them into an ophthalmic imaging instrument. The DC-4 captures color and monochrome images of the eye. When used in conjunction with the BG-5 background illuminator, the infrared capabilities allow for viewing and documentation of the meibomian glands. After capture, images can be transferred to Topcon’s IMAGEnet 6 ophthalmic data system for display and storage on any connected computer.

We offer a variety of models that offer basic clinical observation to advanced image capture.

“D” Series Digital Ready Slit Lamps

  • SL-D2: Three magnifications and halogen illumination; blue, red-free and amber filters
  • SL-D4: Five magnifications with halogen illumination; blue, red-free and amber filters*
  • SL-D301: Three magnifications with halogen tower illumination system; blue and red-free filters
  • SL-D701: Five magnification; accepts the BG-5 background illuminator with infra-red capability for meibography capture

“G” Series Slit Lamp

  • SL-2G: Economical and environmentally friendly with three magnifications and LED illumination

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