Henson 9000

Compact, Modern Visual Field Analyzer

Advanced Detection and Monitoring of the Visual Field

The Henson 9000 is a modern, compact, easy-to-use perimeter for detecting and monitoring changes to visual fields. It features innovative, time-saving tests and analytical tools that enhance patient experience and practice efficiency. 24-2 tests can be completed in as little as three minutes per eye, providing clear benefits to operator and patient alike.

Key Features

  • SPEED & ACCURACY  Smart Supra tests allow manual retesting of stimulus locations to reduce patient response errors and improve workflow.
  • IMPROVED SENSITIVITY (TO CENTRAL DEFECTS)  The fully extended 3.5 minute Smart Supra test includes the full 24-2 pattern (54 points) with an additional 32 points in the central 10 degrees.
  • CONVENIENCE  Smart Supra test can be set to auto-extend from 30 points to 64 if a point is missed. A further extension from 64 to 86 points is possible.
  • ENHANCED FOLLOW-UP – ZATA threshold test starts from prior patient data and uses smart threshold-related terminating criteria to optimize test performance and includes powerful tools for analyzing progression.
  • FLEXIBLE CONVENIENCE – With the flexibility of using either a touch screen, laptop or desktop computer the Henson 9000 is convenient and easy to use.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE PERIMETER – Benefit from low maintenance costs – robust, solid-state electronics with degradation-free light sources. Ensure the maintenance costs for your Henson 9000 are minimal year-on-year.

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