Digital Phoropter

Reduce Chair Time with High-Speed Lens Disc Rotation

The CV-5000S makes refraction faster, offers an ergonomic alternative to manual refraction and elevates the patient experience. Quickly show patients the difference between their old prescription and the new refraction…and ultimately, sell more glasses. Complete connectivity allows data to be sent automatically to every CV system throughout the office and populated automatically into the EMR to streamline refractions and minimize transcription errors.

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Features and Benefits

Elevate your practice workflow with the CV-5000S Digital Phoropter


With digital refractions, selling more glasses has never been easier.

Practice Refraction Workflow

with SOLOS Automated Lens Analyzer + Chronos
+ CV-5000S Phoropter

1. Refractive data and previous spectacles loaded into Chronos before doctor enters exam room.
2. Chronos streamlines the refraction process to deliver time savings that may be used at the discretion of the doctor/practice.
3. Topcon SOLOS, Automatic Lens Analyzer
4. Topcon CV-5000S, Phoropter

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Compatible with RDx

Topcon RDx® is an innovative ocular telehealth platform that allows you to connect to your office remotely and conduct comprehensive eye exams, without sacrificing the quality care you provide.

M&S Vision Chart

Leverage the combined refraction power of Topcon’s CV-5000S digital phoropter with integrated visual acuity charts from M&S Technologies. This optional feature allows you to display the M&S charts directly on the Topcon PC-50S LCD or existing M&S 20/20 System without the additional computer hardware.

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