Why Maria Liu Chose Topcon MYAH to Grow Her Pediatric Myopia Practice

MYAH is very easy to operate with great user-interface. The acquisition time is relatively short and the fixation target is easy to follow and not too bright to discourage pediatric patients. I especially like the dynamic pupillometry function and believe there is huge potential of using this feature to have better understanding of the mechanisms of combined treatments in pediatric myopia. I believe dynamic pupillometry should become the standard of care in all pediatric myopia patients.”

Triton Features

Deep penetration through media opacities such as cataracts and hemorrhages

Multimodal Imaging: SS-OCT + Non-mydriatic true color fundus imaging, FA and FAF available²

Stunningly detailed images with 100k A-scans/sec. and 1,050nm wavelength

Invisible scan beam allows patients to focus on the fixation target and reduce involuntary eye movement

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