Time is Money: How Brandon Eyes Elevates the Patient Experience

Dr. Norm Brandon of Brandon Eyes in Madison, Wisconsin shares how Topcon’s technology is helping his practice save time, reduce transcription errors, and elevate the patient experience.

Chronos Features

Delegate Data Collection
SightPilot software guides the operator through the entire process, so you can delegate the upfront refraction and acuity testing to a technician.

Maximize Doctor-Patient Time
Enter the exam room with all refraction data at your fingertips to make the most of your time with each patient.

Save Space
Chronos combines an autorefractometer, a keratometer, phoropter and acuity testing chart into a single instrument with a compact footprint that can be placed anywhere in the practice.

Grow Your Practice
Use the time saved to see more patients, add a new specialty to the practice or spend more time counseling patients about their eye health.

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