IOTM: Imaging Through A Subretinal Macular Hemorrhage with Topcon SS-OCT

Image of the Month (IOTM) is a collection of interesting clinical cases with high quality images for all relevant imaging modalities (ex: color fundus, OCT, OCTA, FAF, FA, En Face, Red-free, choroidal vasculography (CVG), anterior imaging) and other clinical results if relevant (ex: visual field plots). Each case is submitted by an eye care professional using one of Topcon’s industry-leading OCT devices.

Case background

64 year-old female presented with acute vision loss in her right eye.

Diagnosis: Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration


Color photograph of the right eye (Topcon TRC-50DX) demonstrating a large subretinal hemorrhage in the macula.

B & C

Swept-Source OCT (Topcon DRI Triton) demonstrating subretinal fluid and a large area of subretinal hyper-reflective material (SRHM) consistent with the hemorrhage seen on color photography. The underlying RPE and choroid is also visible.

The patient was subsequently treated with anti‑VEGF therapy.

Ophthalmic Photographer: John Golding

Images courtesy of Netan Choudhry M.D. FRCS(C) DABO, Medical Director Vitreous Retina Macula Specialists of Toronto (VRM Toronto)

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