Andrew Neukirch, OD, on Measuring Pediatric Myopia

Andrew J. Neukirch, OD, of Carillon Vision Care shares how he treats pediatric myopia with the Topcon MYAH. This versatile instrument also includes corneal topography, pupillometry, anterior cornea wavefront analysis and contact lens fitting tools making it a comprehensive device for monitoring axial length, evaluating the corneal surface, assessing visual quality and fitting specialty lenses. 

Triton Features

Deep penetration through media opacities such as cataracts and hemorrhages

Multimodal Imaging: SS-OCT + Non-mydriatic true color fundus imaging, FA and FAF available²

Stunningly detailed images with 100k A-scans/sec. and 1,050nm wavelength

Invisible scan beam allows patients to focus on the fixation target and reduce involuntary eye movement

Myopia is a condition caused by a longer than normal eye, which results in blurry distance vision. Left untreated myopia can progress and increase the likelihood of developing severe eye health problems. Topcon Healthcare, a leading in comprehensive diagnostic device manufacture, is proud to offer the Topcon MYAH.

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